Public Policy

TXP is at the forefront of measuring the potential impact of public policy changes. The most difficult part of any policy change is to understand the long-term implications. TXP's team of economic and public policy experts provides you with unparalleled guidance and easy to comprehend answers to difficult questions.

What separates TXP from other consulting firms is that we have years of experience working on complex issues covering a wide variety of topics. TXP is truly multidisciplinary; our areas of expertise include electricity deregulation, Texas-Mexico border health care, and the role of music and the arts in overall economic development. TXP has repeatedly proven its ability to devise creative approaches based on sound research and analysis.

Sample Projects

State of Oklahoma Incentive Evaluation Commission

State of Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Incentive Evaluation Commission was established in HB2182, which was enacted and became law in 2015. It requires the Commission to conduct evaluations of all qualified state incentives over a four‐year timeframe. The law also provides that criteria specific to each incentive be used for the evaluation. As part of the consulting team, TXP is responsible for calculating the economic impact of each incentive as well as the fiscal impact and return on investment.


Measures to Reduce the Economic Impacts of a Drought-Induced Water Shortage in the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco Public Utility Commission

TXP, in collaboration with Public Financial Management, analyzed the economic impacts of water rationing on the commercial and industrial sectors in the San Francisco Public Utility Commission's service area. The impact of reduced water availability was analyzed with input from water sensitive commercial and industrial customers. TXP assessed the potential response of key economic sectors to various forms of draught mitigation, and then specific mitigation policies were identified for further analysis reflecting potential response. The end...


Turning the Corner: Toward Balance and Reform in Texas Mental Health Services

Mental Health Association in Texas

As part of broader effort at reforming mental health care in Texas, a consulting team conducted a comprehensive assessment of Texas' past and current practices with regard to funding mental health services. The team examined the current operational structure of the organization responsible for public mental health services delivery and compared Texas to a number of other states on key criteria such as eligibility for services and mental health spending per capita. TXP then conducted an assessment of the economic impact of mental illness and Texas'...


Role of the Innovation Workforce & Creative Sector in the Texas Economy

Texas Cultural Trust

No area has benefited more from the transition to a creative economy than the State of Texas. However, it is likely the state will need to do more to protect the millions of dollars already invested in cultural arts organizations, education programs, and related economic development efforts. In this context, the Texas Cultural Trust retained TXP to evaluate the current state of Texas’ creative sector. The purpose of this analysis was to provide policymakers and stakeholders a common framework for discussing the creative sector, its contribution to the state’s...